You have found Sam Laughlin’s painting blog!  You must be sooooo excited!  You are about to stumble into a world of crazy IMAGINATION and WICKER BASKETS!  You better love wicker baskets.  You so BETTER.  Also dinosaurs and comic books.

Sam is a lawyer in San Diego who handles corporate law, trademarks, and who is sometimes creative and doesn’t do law things.  He is originally from Birmingham, Alabama.  He loves puppies and trees.  He hates milk.  He is also a published cartoonist in the USC literary magazine The Southern California Review and the University of California Long Beach literary magazine RipRap.  He previously ran two webcomics, Down by the River and Meaningless.  Sadly, they are gone, since servers cost money.

He is an alumni of the (University of) North Carolina School of the Arts, where he studied filmmaking and wrote many screenplays.  After working more jobs in the Los Angeles entertainment word than there exist stars in the sky, he transitioned into law at the University of San Diego School of Law.  During all this madness, he continued to draw and paint and sketch and doodle, because that is what he does.


Aside from painting stuff for fun, Sam works on commission!  Several of his pieces were commissioned for friends, particularly friends with newborn babies.  Rates for commissioned paintings vary by assignment and Sam’s schedule.  Please contact Sam for more information!



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