Commission Baby Nursery Paintings

The first paintings I ever created were gifts for my newborn baby nephew Jack.  From there, I started getting request after request for baby-room nursery paintings.  It fits my cartoonish, cheerful art-style, and I love to contribute something original and hand-made to the lives of newly born humans.

Good news is: you can have one, too!  I work on commission and have supplied dozens of paintings for children’s rooms across the country.  Give your child a gift that truly cannot be found anywhere, a totally unique painting that can hang on your child’s wall well into their adult years and beyond.

Contact me through email at with the subject line PAINTINGS PLEASE!  I accommodate all manner of requests, specializing in tailoring the work to match the chosen colors and animal theme of your baby room.  But please remember that I have a certain style, and that your painting may not come out 100% how you envision in your head.  I paint the way I paint, and am what I am.  My costs vary, but float around the $300 range depending on canvas size, paints involved, and time taken to create the work.

I also plan to host an Etsy shop when I build some more inventory!  I’ll link to that sucker when it’s done.

Enjoy the below galley of some of my works created for children of all ages.

Disclaimer: purchasers of any painting will own the original, physical copy of their purchased painting, but as the artist and author, I retain copyright in all paintings, and reserve the exclusive right to create copies, prints, or other merchandise or derivative works of the painting.